This Wednesday we are meeting at the downtown location for middle school youth! This space is bigger and allows us to better accommodate the size of the student ministry with social distancing measures in place. It is located at 112 N Lincoln St and there is a parking lot right across the street. To ensure the safety and security of the students there are a few things that we are implementing that I wanted to communicate to you so that we are all on the same page.

1.) Doors will open at 5:50pm and they will close at 6:10pm. Please arrive before 6:10pm as the door will be locked.

2.) Please escort your student to the door.

3.) Please pick your student up inside. Youth will end at 7:30pm. A volunteer will let you into the building. Make your way up the stairs and you will find your student there. 

Thank you for helping us keep the students safe, we look forward to seeing them this Wednesday!


Pastor Corey