IBC Students we want you to be a part of our Christmas Eve service! We are hosting our service online this year and we need your help! We want to put together a conglomeration of you singing the same song "O Come O Come Emmanuel." We have created a track for you to sing along with which you can download by clicking this link!AlME1lP_g63nj1fhz8Ew4Got4BaO?e=DmdhS6 The original song can be found on YouTube by clicking this link

All you need to do is download the song and record yourself using your phone, camera, or laptop. Please record in landscape mode.  Use ear pods so that when you record, it is only recording your voice and not the soundtrack.  Then when you are finished email me at with the file. Send the file no later the December 22nd! If you have any questions feel free to call, text, or email me! (Pastor Corey)