Lake Day at Lake Sutherland!

When: 2:00 to 7:00pm on July 14th

: 352 Maple Grove Rd: There is a gate that we will be monitoring to let you in. Gate will be monitored till 2:30, if you come later be sure to Call/Text me ahead of time so that I can make sure someone is looking for you when you arrive! My number 417-322-5302 Pastor Corey.

What to Bring: Towel, Sunscreen, One piece bathing suit or bring an extra shirt to swim in; guys you will need to bring a shirt to swim in as well. Extra clothing if you want to change out of your swimwear. 

Tubing and water skiing will be available between 2:00-5:00! Dinner will be provided!

Pick Up Instructions: We will start monitoring the gate at 6:45 for parents to come pick up their students. Feel free to send me a text before you leave so that I can make sure someone is looking out for you! 

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