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Title Scripture Speaker Date
If I Could Give You One Piece of Advice 2Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 Aaron Bacon 2018-09-02
Live While You Are Dying 2Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:8 Mike Jones 2018-08-26
Wisdom Really is Better Than Folly 2Ecclesiastes 9:13-10:20 George Wood 2018-08-19
Everyone Dies 2Ecclesiastes 9:1-12 Mike Jones 2018-08-12
Do Bad People Really Get What's Coming to Them? 2Ecclesiastes 8:10-17 Mike Jones 2018-08-05
The King is Supreme 2Ecclesiastes 8:1-9 Mike Jones 2018-07-29
Wisdom is Elusive 2Ecclesiastes 7:15-8:1 Aaron Bacon 2018-07-22
The Advantage of Wisdom in the Face of Certain Death 2Ecclesiastes 7:1-14 Tom Lotz 2018-07-15
The Search for Meaning in Money 2Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12 Aaron Bacon 2018-07-08
Watch What You Say 2Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 Aaron Bacon 2018-07-01
We, not Me 2Ecclesiastes 4:4-16 Aaron Bacon 2018-06-24
What Happened to Justice? 2Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:3 Mike Jones 2018-06-17
A Time for Everything 2Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 George Wood 2018-06-10
The Search for Meaning in Work 2Ecclesiastes 2:18-26 Tom Lotz 2018-06-03
The Search for Meaning by Living Wisely 2Ecclesiastes 2:12-17 Aaron Bacon 2018-05-27
The Search for Meaning in Pleasure 2Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 Aaron Bacon 2018-05-20
The Search for Meaning in Wisdom 2Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 Aaron Bacon 2018-05-13
The Search for the Meaning of Life 2Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Aaron Bacon 2018-05-06