Women In Ministry

Many might be wondering about “Women In Ministry”…It may not be what you envision. It’s a Movement of God, not a program. We are actually what that says…we are women ministering through the power of the Spirit in any place and in any way that God leads. We are a group of women who have lived through much and whose stories are being used in an ever-growing Redemptive Community. We are “Wildly Adventurous, Desperately Dependent, Fighting a Battle in a Community of Love.”

Women in Ministry provides opportunities throughout the year for spiritual growth, use of spiritual gifts and body-life functions. These events come in the form of retreats, conferences, Bible studies and other events. Contact: the church office.

Bible Studies

Bible studies emphasize caring relationships centered on learning for living God’s truth. They meet in various locations throughout the week.

Retreats & Special Gatherings

Weekend retreats and other special gatherings are throughout the year. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 452-3351.

As you feel the Spirit of God moving upon you to help, there are areas where we could use your service on God’s behalf:

Comfort through meals
We are notified through various ways when meals are needed for someone in the body. Volunteering to provide a meal provides an opportunity to be used by God and bring a blessing to a family.
This ministry is a blessing. Often we call upon volunteers to help with too. There is always a need for those to help prepare or serve the food.