What are short-term missions?

A cross cultural ministry that is less than two years long - and, depending on the project, could be as short as a few days or a week.

Short-term mission projects are a vital step in preparing for a missionary career or life at home as a World Christian.


What are IBC's goals for short-term missions?

  • To learn first-hand what missions really is all about and grow in one's perspective as a World Christian.
  • To support the work of IBC missionaries or sponsored organizations.
  • To determine if God is calling the short-termer into full-time Christian service.
  • To minister to a particular people group or project that for which the short-termer has a special concern or passion. 


How can I prepare?

  • Let the Missions Committee know you are interested in missions work.
  • Participate in a Bible study or discipleship group in addition to regularly attending IBC's church services.
  • Make sure your passport is up-to-date.
  • Begin thinking about how you could fund your missions trip.
  • Participate in local outreach efforts.
  • Pray and recruit prayer supporters.



IBC members are encouraged throughout the year to give to the short-term missions fund. Some of these funds may be used for the

projects, depending on availability.


IBC's Short-term Missions Teams should expect to participate in at least one fund-raising project. The majority of your teams funding

will come from support letters or appeals made to IBC members specifically for the trip. Some funds may come out of your own

resources or from appeals outside of IBC.


I want to go on an IBC trip. What do I do next?

Complete a short-term missions application. The team leader will contact you with more details.


I have a great idea for a short-term missions project. What do I do next? 

Complete a short-term missions project application. Applications are reviewed by the Missions Committee. Once a determination has

been made, you will be contacted as to what to do next. We may not be able to fund your project but we are interested in involving as

many IBC members in missions as possible.


What about non-IBC trips?

Call the church office and let us know which trip you are interested in. Individuals or groups may pursue short-term mission activities

without seeking organizational support or funding through IBC. We like to be aware of these efforts so we can pray for them, and can

receive feedback to learn what God is doing in the regions and works in which they participated. These trips are funded through personal

resources or appeals made outside of IBC. 


Trip Levels 

Trip levels are rated to help you determine which trips are right for you.


Level 1  

A Level 1 trip is suitable for someone with no missions or cross-cultural experience. These are projects primarily in the US and last from

a few days to two weeks. Examples include city outreach ministries, assisting another church in outreach ministries, and missions of



Level 2

These are missions projects outside the US that are more or less "structured" and coordinated by a missionary or missions

organization; for example, a building team coordinated by a missions organization, a medical mission, or a sports or VBS outreach

coordinated by an IBC missionary. These projects typically last one to three weeks.


Level 3 

This is a missions ministry with a missionary or organization who's agenda requires strong spiritual maturity and significant ministry

experience. Some of these projects may be deemed risky. These trips involve street or neighborhood outreach in areas where this 

could be hazardous; ministries requiring teaching or pastoral care; medical missions in risky areas; "vision trips" to risky areas or 

unfamiliar to the missionary or organization. These projects may be a bit longer, typically lasting one to four weeks. 


Level 4

This level is advanced either in difficulty of or risk in work, requirements of expertise, and last for a period of two months to

two years. Some trips of this nature may involve being qualified by a missions organization. Examples of Level 4 trips include 

assisting in church planting, working in a closed country in a tent-making or teaching endeavor, and coming alongside ministries

of mercy in disaster relief.