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Please note that IBC strongly discourages online giving that leads to personal indebtedness. A payment method such as e-check, a debit card or a credit card that is paid off monthly is recommended.

Giving categories are as follows:

General Fund: These monies are used to finance the general operations of the church. Unless otherwise indicated, all donations to IBC are deposited to the General Fund.
Family Life Center Campaign: The mortgage debt is an obligation that IBC took on in addition to our regular Tithes and Offerings. Your pledge commitment to pay off the mortgage is “second mile” giving to the ministry of IBC.  
Benevolence: Monies are used to help those in need in emergency circumstances.
Missions General: These contributions are used to help finance the missions projects of IBC.
Short-Term Missions: Contributions are used to help send teams on short-term missions trips.
Visitation Ministry: Provides financial support for Pastor Anthony Sackor’s ministry
Liberia Conference Center: Contributions are used to build and upon completion operate a conference center in Liberia.  Pastor Anthony Sackor directs this effort.
Olympic Christian School: Monies are used to help the school with their operational expenses.
Upper Room Ministry: Monies are used to help the UR with their operational expenses.
MyChoices Pregnancy Centers of Clallam County: Monies are used to help with operational expenses.
Children of the Nations: Monies are used to help with operational expenses.
Christmas House: Monies are used to help the church put together this event for local families in need.
Clothing Closet: Monies are used to help purchase needed items not otherwise donated.

Food Bag Ministry: Monies are used to supply emergency food bags to those in need.  Food and/or money can be donated.  

Prison Ministry: Monies are used to help with operational expenses.
Salvation Army Soup Kitchen: Monies are used to help with operational expenses related to the Salvation Army’s hot lunch programs.
Sisters 2 Sisters: Monies are used to help with various projects for women at the Liberia Conference Center.
STRIVE: Monies are used to help students participate in student ministries’ events which have a participation fee such as summer and winter camps.
Student Ministries: Contributions are used to help with scholarships to various events as well as help fund some of the operational expenses of this ministry.
Technical Ministries: Monies are used to help with operational expenses that are over and above the regular budget.
Women’s Ministries: Contributions help fund the various Bible studies and other events sponsored by Women’s Ministries.

Missionaries: Donations to specific missionaries go directly to that missionary. These donations are over and above anything that might be given to an IBC missionary out of budgeted missions money.

Global Leadership Summit: IBC will host a video simulcast of the Global Leadership Summit broadcast from Willow Creek Community Church on August 10th & 11th in 2017. The GLS is a two-day, world-class leadership event experienced by more than 400,000 leaders around the world, representing more than 14,000 churches. This event is designed to infuse vision, skill development and inspiration for the sake of local church transformation. Your donation will primarily be used to provide scholarships for those needing assistance to attend. These funds will also be used by IBC to promote the GLS Simulcast at IBC in Port Angeles.